About Us

We love what we do!

For as long as Live Rooms has existed it has had these simple principles:

• To provide the best possible audio, visuals and lighting solution to meet our clients’ budgets, needs and experience.

• To offer good, sound (no pun intended) advice without all the sales patter.

• To make the process from quote to order to installation as smooth as it can be.

• To build good solid working relationships.

• To always be there for customers even when the bill has been paid and the warrantee runs out!

Everyone is an individual and we treat everyone as such. Our current client base covers a wide range of venues and needs. 

We provide sound, visual and lighting systems into houses of worship, schools, music venues , night-clubs, conference centres, leisure centres and all indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Tailored solution….

Even within the same sectors there are a huge differences in clients’ requests. For example a house of worship may require complex systems but need a simple interface and control to suit their volunteer user base. Some may require a digital solution so their experienced team can achieve breathtaking tailored services. 

The same principle is found in live music venues, museums, etc. some need versatility without the complex control and others want it all. 

Some spaces, like large multi-room, multi-use conference centres, require control over multiple spaces and multiple equipment from both one location in real time and individual control within the room.

Every installation is carried out with the knowledge that our clients are our shop window and our advocates. Great care is taken when selecting products both from an architectural point of view (where appropriate) and best fit, best solution.

It is all possible and we would love to talk to you about your needs and let you know how we can help you.