Bar and Club Sound and Lighting


In bars, pubs and clubs it’s all about the atmosphere. We know that if your customers are having a good night, so are you. The best mood setters that we know of (aside from the alcohol – that’s your department) are lighting and sound. Dim the lights, turn the music up and set the tone for a great night.If you want your busy staff to have a foolproof way of controlling the music and lighting from behind the bar we can provide it.

Live Rooms has great relationships with suppliers such as Ohm, Martin Audio, Robe, Pulsar, Chauvet, JBL, Turbosound, DB Technologies and many other household names in the entertainment industry.

We provide systems that are limited so that you never get in trouble with the noise police, systems that have one touch settings for summer afternoons in the garden, sports evenings or late night lock-ins, systems that cope with every atmosphere you want to create, loud or soft.

If you have live music at your venue then this can be easily integrated into the system, allowing any member of staff to switch from background music to live-band sound with lighting to suit and back again at the touch of a button. DJs, VJs and LJs are easily incorporated into the system – as soon as they plug in they take over. House engineers can also have easy access to as much of the sound and lighting systems as they need, but everything reverts to simple operation once they leave.


On a busy evening set your tone with your lighting. LED lighting offers massive running cost savings over incandescent fittings, as well as longer life and increased versatility. Simply swapping out current lamps with LED versions can make a big difference to the running costs of a venue that operates at night, every night, but add to that the fact that they are dimmable and even colour-changing, and the benefits really start to stack up.

As the night moves on the lighting can be controlled by any member of staff using fader panels, touch screen presets or colour wheels to select the perfect ambience. Systems can even be totally automated so that at given times the lights dim a little and the music turns itself up a notch. By closing time everyone has had a great night, and the same coloured fittings that provided the atmosphere all night can be turned to clean bright white for clearing up, ready to do it all again tomorrow.