Church sound, lighting and projection


When we visit churches, which we do a lot, we find that the same common problems appear – usually to do with the sound system. Problems might include outdated systems that are no longer performing efficiently, microphones that aren’t clear or feed back (or both), a lack of knowledge of the installed equipment and the age old arguments about volume levels. The majority of churches were simply not built to acoustically house instruments that are commonly used in modern worship such as drumkits and electric guitars, so when live bands meet older buildings there are often issues with stage noise overpowering the congregation.

We often offer help with all of these issues by recommending upgrades or changes and we can provide new equipment where necessary. We also train teams, both technical and musical, on how to work together with the equipment that they already have to get the best out of it. In the case of churches who aren’t blessed with a sound team we can simplify the control of equipment, providing simple mixers or touch screens that can be operated from a lectern or pulpit, or indeed from within the congregation, and give individual users as much or as little system control as they need.

Church sound, lighting and projection from Live Rooms

Churches who worship with live bands (and usually have sound teams) can be given training on achieving the best from their systems and dealing with stage noise effectively. We employ a lot of freelance staff who commonly work on events such as Spring Harvest, New Wine and Soul Survivor who can bring their expertise to the local church.

Many churches’ sound systems are simply outdated, and we can recommend newer technology to make services simpler and sound better. We have access to a lot of different equipment and can provide demonstrations of various desks and speakers if needed.


In contemporary churches we commonly provide stage lighting, white or colour-changing, which is effective at, amongst other things, focussing attention on a speaker, creating an atmosphere during youth events or conferences, setting a mood, practically lighting an auditorium and also saving energy.
In older church buildings we can provide architecturally sympathetic lighting schemes that both highlight and enhance the building, whilst providing excellent day-to-day illumination, and the ability to create moods for special services, drama or events.

All types of system can be very simply controlled, and automated intelligent fittings can save energy and electricity costs.

Audio Visual

Many churches employ media throughout their services, facilitated by good projection. Live Rooms offers cutting edge projection up to full HD quality and perfectly suited to the ambient light in any church.

A range of screens is offered, from sharp, fixed, framed versions in many sizes and formats to discreet double-drop screens that completely hide away when not in use, preserving he look of the building the occupy.

We can also offer visual foldback monitors for singers and preachers, as well as a range of lecterns with screens built in.

All aspects of church sound, lighting and projection are covered by Live Rooms, as well as unique and simple customised control from an iPad, touchscreen or wall panel.