Hotel & Conference

Get control of your events

With event AV solutions from Live Rooms there’s no more calling up the technical department when the lighting needs changing or the sound system needs setting up – it can all be done from an event manager’s smartphone or iPad.


Our staff have worked in countless hotels as event technicians, and are unfortunately rarely impressed by the in-house facilities. In our experience hotels are almost always let down by the quality and complexity of badly installed technical services. We can provide the very best in chargeable, rider-friendly sound systems that work simply and integrate easily with external production companies’ equipment. As well as having simple-to-use, industry-standard sound that can be charged out, becoming the venue of choice with event organisers because of your excellent facilities will mean more people through the door and more profit to be made.

Outside of the conference and meeting facilities we can provide background music systems for bars, restaurants and public areas. All systems can be centrally and locally controlled, limited to an agreed volume for guest’s comfort and integrated with security systems such as fire alarms. One-touch access is custom programmed for hotel staff to be able to select ‘breakfast time’ in the restaurant, for example, or ‘live band’ in the bar, or ‘speeches and DJ’ at the wedding reception.

Sound, lighting and AV can all be integrated easily into one control system without the need for expensive third party controllers. A single tap on an iPad button on a customised interface can drop a screen, turn on a projector, set up the sound system, ready the microphones and adjust the lighting to a pre-determined level and colour.


Today’s hotels are some of the most multi-purpose multi-purpose venues available for hire. With diverse groups of people needing diversity from their venue, lighting can play a large part in selling to and accommodating multiple user groups.

Even the largest, busiest hotels have lighting that is uncontrollable at best and off-putting to potential hirers at worst. At Live Rooms we can integrate with existing controls such as Crestron or AMX, or we can bypass them completely to provide a much more cost effective way of making systems work together. We can provide systems that are as diverse as the groups that hire hotel rooms, and integrate them all into simple controls. No third party control software is necessary to achieve multiple looks and easy theming in bars, restaurants and conference rooms. Simple colour pickers on lockable touchscreen controls give access to hundreds of colours, not limiting rooms to presets or running up costly bills for re-programming time.
Integration with building management systems and the automation of all controls is also achievable, creating efficient hotel buildings and providing green credentials whilst saving money in the process.