Museum and gallery audio and visuals with integrated control


In museums and galleries discreet sound and simple lighting reign. We can offer tour guide systems in multiple languages for guests to get the most from their visit. These can be simple radio packs that each person carries around, but they may also come in the form of highly directional speaker systems – inaudible to the listener until they are standing directly beneath the speaker.

Museum and gallery audio and visuals with integrated controls

Flat panel speaker

New technology allows us to actually integrate speakers into the fabric of buildings – a single speaker the size of a ceiling tile for instance. Developed at Warwick University, brand new technology has allowed flat panel speakers to be manufactured that are less than 1mm thick and can be made in any shape and size. This means that they can be incorporated into any space, in any building.

Perfect for audio descriptions or translations around museums, galleries, exhibitions, retailers, point of sale displays, etc. These speakers are highly directional, meaning that only the customer who needs to hear them hears them. For a demonstration please contact us.


Display lighting is getting smaller and more discreet all the time. With the fast pace of development in LED technology lighting is brighter, smaller, cheaper and more versatile than it ever has been. Colour consistency is managed by a binning selection processes, and we only work with manufacturers who employ these techniques, ensuring that the light output is even, matched, natural and colour balanced wherever it is employed.

Audio Visual

Audio visual screens and projections can be easily set up for exhibits, information points or public areas, with solid state or disc-based media playback. These points can be synced across buildings or complexes, or handled from one central point, making it easy to upload and change new content.


Ease of use is our first consideration in integrated systems such as are found in museums or galleries. We want control to be as intuitive as possible, so that it doesn’t need thinking about during the busy day of a curator. That’s why we offer control for lighting, sound and AV that is integrated into simple touch screens or apps on a tablet, PC or even smartphone. Centrally located or local to each room, gallery or exhibit, control points are simple, configurable and customised to your needs.