Practical lighting and sound for public buildings


In public buildings can benefit from music systems of course, but the majority of sound work in this type of building is informational PA systems. We can provide paging services linked to sound-zoning software. This means that a receptionist can view a graphical layout of a building and simply touch the room that they need to speak to, routing audio from their microphone directly to that room alone.

These speech systems can benefit from cutting edge technologies such as flat panel speakers that are less than 1mm thick, allowing them to be built into ceiling tiles, hung on walls, even incorporated into artwork for very direct, long throw transmission of audio. Where traditionally lots of speakers were needed, one paper thin square of material can now be used to throw voice announcements right down a corridor, across a station platform or directly to a listener in a very specific zone without any spill into neighbouring areas. This is ideal for public buildings that, by nature, have multiple uses at any one given time.


Many public buildings are making use of the energy efficient and dramatic effects that LED lighting can bring.
Hospitals are benefitting from relaxing lighting woven into fabrics as pieces of living artwork, whilst the health benefits of lighting that simulates the body’s natural rhythm are widely documented. Staff too can benefit from lighting that helps to keep them alert during night shifts, whilst patients’ sleep can remain undisturbed by the glare of bright, inappropriate lighting.

Libraries, schools and other places of study can also benefit from both localised lighting to read and write by, and quality general lighting that enables and encourages learning. We believe that the quality of light is not only important, but essential for younger learners, and that schools should be at the forefront of making use of technology to provide natural and stimulating lighting for all ages.

In a lot of cases public buildings are prime candidates for architectural lighting schemes that, if done well, can both enhance the building and brighten up whole towns and cities. The best architectural schemes employ colour-changing lighting for occasions when it is needed, but that are, in the most part, there to subtly pick out features of the wonderful architecture that many town halls, libraries and other public buildings were designed with. With controls that are automated for most of the time, buildings can be enhanced by light with nobody having to think about them. At dusk the lighting can turn itself on, adjusting colours or patterns according to the weather, the temperature, wind speed, the time of year, special occasions or dates, and turn itself off at any given time.


Practical lighting and sound for public buildings needs practical control. We can offer a range of controls from traditional control desks through wall panels to customised touch screens and iPad control apps. Whatever you need to make your systems usable we can provide.