Restaurant music and lighting systems


We have a great range of discreet products that can provide near-invisible background music for restaurants. Our focus is always on the very best audio in every system that we provide. We believe that great sound makes people have a good time wherever they are, and just because the music is in the ‘background’ it shouldn’t mean that the quality should suffer.

restaurant music and lighting systems

Simple iPad control over the atmosphere

Our suppliers include some of the very best speaker innovators to provide systems that are small and in keeping with their surroundings. When chosen correctly these same systems should easily cope with not only the background music, but also live restaurant performers and announcements or speeches that need to be made. Our back of house controls are as sophisticated as our front of house systems, integrating microphones, music, live instruments and safety systems such as fire alarms whilst remaining intuitive for staff to use.


Restaurants often do coffee during the morning, play host to business lunches in the afternoon and provide the perfect setting for intimate dinners in the evening. The lighting should reflect what’s going on inside the building at any given time.

For daytime use a clean, open and natural look could be applied, but when the evening service begins the lighting should not just dim, but become warmer, cosier and more intimate. This can easily be achieved with the use of variable-white lights. Lights that reflects the cool clean white of functional and practical daylight, but that can be warmed up to compliment the cosiness of a candlelit dinner or an open fire.

For more dramatic effect colour-selectable lighting can be installed. LED lighting with hues that cover the whole spectrum combined with simple, easily-selectable controls mean that different moods and different events can be catered for with ease.

Our restaurant music and lighting systems should invite people in from the cold like Autumnal comfort food and make them feel at home in your place, whenever they arrive.