iPad controlled sound and AV systems for schools


When we go to schools we commonly see teaching assistants’ time being used to work a sound system instead of assisting teachers. Teachers too tend to be put of by lots of complex technology as it distracts from what they’re there to do – teach.

In contrast to the traditional complicated systems we can offer installed or portable sound systems that are really quick and easy to use.

iPad controlled sound and AV systems for schools from Live Rooms

We can incorporate iPad or PC based controls to for music playback and volume levels, meaning that teachers can use the technology wherever it’s most convenient for them, without having to think about a rack full of technology. These touchscreen controls can be built into a wall, a lectern or completely free to roam, giving assembly leaders, drama directors, sports day announcers and school fete singers a whole new freedom.

We aim to let teachers do more teaching and less tech-ing.

We only sell professional equipment that will take life in a school, meaning that you have total peace of mind with up to 7 year warrantees, full support and full training.


We believe that the quality of light is absolutely essential to any learning environment. It has often been overlooked in the past, but these days a good amount of natural daylight in any work room is an expected norm, and quite rightly so.

Classrooms can benefit from a simple lighting scheme that adapts throughout the day and across seasons, reflecting and enhancing the natural daylight outside and refreshing the education experience in any classroom.

Science, art and drama teachers can make use of the red/green/blue/amber/white colour mixing ability of cutting edge LED lighting in the classroom. It’s easy to teach students about the way colours and light influence mood and atmosphere with visual, hands on references. The technology also doubles up as very practical drama, assembly and event lighting.

Because LED technology is so efficient and so long lasting, maintenance costs are practically zero. Instead of changing coloured gels every show and lamps every term or two, LED lighting can be installed, focussed and left to run for well over a decade, with no changing of lamps and no gels required.

Audio Visual

In the classroom, interactive whiteboards are a great example of technology being used in a very practical way. We can install and set up these boards from companies such as Smart Board with audio as well as visuals, allowing teachers and students to express themselves in more creative ways, access the internet and save their whiteboard work.

In the larger school setting we can provide projectors and screens that are controlled from the same panel as the rest of the audio and lighting systems. Smaller screens can be provided for school notices, digital signage and other purposes around the school, with the content of those screens controlled from a central school office.

Integrated Control

iPad controlled sound and AV systems for schools

With one button press a teacher or caretaker can set up the school hall for any event such as assembly. One press turns the projector on, sets it to the right input, lowers the lights near the screen, turns on the sound system, starts playing some walk-in music and automatically adjusts the microphone volumes. The only thing the system won’t do is set the chairs out!

Events in the school can be automated, so a weekly assembly can be set up as above at 8:55am every Monday, lesson bells can be triggered at the end of every lesson throughout the day, rooms can turn off their lighting when unoccupied, lighting can adjust itself to compensate for summer and winter and digital notice boards can tell of upcoming events in every break time.

The potential benefit to schools that aren’t employing a system like this already is huge, and the cost and energy savings associated with changes of this nature can be very significant.