Control Systems

We make control systems that fit you; you don’t have to bend your mind to make them work.

By designing and programming interfaces ourselves with the end user’s input, we can create the most simple of control interfaces for the most complex of systems, and circumvent the hugely expensive systems that have traditionally dominated the automated control market.

iPad InputsTechnology is of no value if nobody can use it. With this in mind we offer control that is as in depth or as simple as each user requires. Complex systems do not necessarily equal complex controls, and we design user interfaces to suit everybody. Even within a single installation we can define different user groups, some with full access to every parameter and some with simple, one-button presets for setups that require no technical knowledge.

We can offer fixed touch-screen and wall-mounted button or fader controls as well as iPad and web applications for remote and wireless control.
Presets can be easily selected from these touch-screen inputs and more detailed parameters can be monitored and changed.
Our controls span the disciplines that we provide, so that a single button can activate lighting, sound and AV.

For example…

A busy bar employs a system that has a wall panel with push buttons on it, another behind the bar and an iPad that is located in the manager’s office. From any of these controls simple commands can be sent to set up the bar for various uses. A ‘Morning’ preset has all lights on brightly in white for cleaning and the sound system set to low volume for playing the cleaner’s favourite radio station in the background.
At midday one of the staff activates the ‘Lunchtime’ setting when the doors open to customers. This makes the lighting clean and bright for lunchtime diners and automatically plays some background music from a CD player behind the bar. At 6pm one of the bar staff pushes the button marked ‘Evening’, simultaneously lowering the lighting and softening it to a warmer colour, leaving the serving area lit well and turning up the music in the bar area. There’s a football match on at 8pm. Just before it kicks-off a tap on the ‘Sport’ button on the iPad lowers a screen and turns a projector on to the right channel to watch the match. The audio commentary is mixed in with the background music so that it is heard primarily where people are gathered to watch the screen, where the lights have also dimmed to maximise he picture quality.
When the footbal is finished a simple tap puts all of the equipment away again and turns the music and lighting back up. At the end of the night a button press on the way out of the door turns everything off until staff arrive the next day.

We handle the complexity behind the scenes so that your controls are as simple as possible.