Working With Us

Ten steps to your easily integrated sound, lighting and AV installation

  1. You ‎get in touch with Live Rooms. (Use our contact page to add more details)
  2. We have a conversation about your needs and requirements, your building and its users.
  3. We come and visit your venue, take photographs, measurements, light-level and wireless readings.
  4. We design a completely customised system. From cable to control, everything is tailored to you.
  5. You tell us what you like and don’t like. We tweak and tailor the design until it meets your needs exactly.
  6. We install your system neatly and discreetly, taking into account building usage and access times.
  7. We commission the system, tuning, focussing and time-aligning all components.
  8. We give full training to your team; as many people as necessary, at as many different levels as needed.
  9. We leave your building with a future-proof system, great potential for hire.
  10. We leave you with phone support, remote support and total peace of mind.