Bespoke and custom designed furniture for media applications


We offer bespoke custom designed furniture from our master craftsman. A specialist in working with solid woods and in curved designs, he can create a piece to fit your surroundings and blend in, or a one-off design that will truly stand out.

Sometimes metal racks are appropriate, in a server room or locked away out of sight, but for when technology must be on display, we don’t think it’s necessary for it to look like technology. Housing equipment in a bespoke rack makes it blend in with its surroundings, and gives a sense of value to any installation. An added benefit of expensive equipment blending in is that it provides a security benefit, keeping unwanted attention at bay by not sticking out like a sore thumb.

Desk preliminary design

From original concept…

Custom built desk

…to finished article

We can build lockable racks for equipment, control desks with or without a raised platform, lecterns, cabinets, and pretty much anything else that you can imagine. We have our own custom designs of products, but if you have something specific in mind then we are happy to incorporate those ideas into our product designs.

A range of lecterns is available, with or without screens, microphone points, slide-out drawers and trays, shelves for equipment and built-in speakers. A specialist in curved wooden designs, our cabinet maker can adapt one of our designs to your project or make something totally unique, incorporating your ideas.

Ideal for churches, conference centres, arts venues, theatres, offices, boardrooms, corporate headquarters, schools, town halls, private residences and many more places, the addition of a beautiful piece of custom designed furniture is a worthy investment that enhances every space.