Lighting and sound systems with custom control

Cutting edge technology made simple to use

Lighting and sound technology should enhance life, not make it more complicated. It should provide easier ways of getting things done with better results, not create more problems than it solves, and it should be as fun to use as it is practical.

Flat speaker technologyTotally flat speaker technology

We employ both cutting-edge technologies, such as the highly directional, totally flat speakers in the picture, developed at Warwick University very recently, and tried and tested technology from the professional market that works, and works very well. There are tools for every job, and by embracing innovation old and new, we can find the best products for your project.

This cutting edge technology is of no benefit if it cannot be understood or used, yet all too often we find ourselves helping people who struggle with their own technical systems, through its inherent over-complexity, poor choice of equipment, or outdated (sometimes non-existent) user training.
We remedy this by finding out exactly what you would like your sound and lighting systems to be able to do, and exactly how you would like to control it. Rather than prescribe complex desks and equipment to everyone, we prefer to be flexible:

iPad control

Intuitive iPad Control

If you want a portable sound system that can cater for an audience of 500, but need control to be on an iPad on stage with you, we can do that. If you want your lighting to be automated throughout the year, but want to use a lighting desk for some special events, we can do that too.

When we design schemes we always provide full training, but way before that we work with you to find the technologies that fit best with your project. From the colour of the cable to the type of wood that the furniture is made from, everything is a considered technologically and aesthetically.
When it comes to the user interface the process is no different. Some installations require a complex sound desk with multiple pieces of outboard equipment; some require the most intuitive and straightforward of control where all the user sees is a simple set of buttons on an iPhone.

Whichever camp you fall into (or the many in between) you can be sure that the latest in cutting edge technology is working for you, however you need it to be presented.